Our Top Three for the All Star Race Fan Vote

The All Star Fan Vote is all about popularity, and based on that, I expect Chase Elliot or Danica Patrick to win – although I don’t know the beef-cake factor of the other drivers, so I could be way off.

But, if it was about who deserves it, here are my top candidates.

Honorable Mention:  Trevor Bayne.  He won the Daytona 500.  I heard somewhere that the 500 was a big race.

3.) Chase Elliot.  He was last year’s Rookie of the Year, which perhaps should be an automatic entry.  Maybe NASCAR will add it before Saturday’s race.

2.) Clint Bowyer.  He has eight wins, more than any of the other candidates.  Enough said.

1.) Ryan Blaney/Woods Brothers.  Blaney does not have the success of Eliot or Bowyer, but the Wood Brothers Racing Team does  (98 wins, 120 poles) and they continue to show they haven’t lost their touch.  Although Glen Woods is only a co-owner now, his kids run the team.  That’s why they are on my list and not Richard Petty Motorsports, which the Petty’s only co-own.  The Wood Brothers Racing Team is more than All Stars and their car deserves to be in the race.